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Spot Free 
Rinse Systems

Deliver a Spot-Free Car Every Time.

PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse Systems eliminate contaminants from the water supply, preventing the formation of unsightly water spots. By using pure, mineral-free water for the final rinse, vehicles dry flawlessly without spots. This ensures a pristine finish with every wash, without the expensive and laborious task of hand drying.

the benefits of purclean™
Spot Free Rinse Systems

Efficient performance

Extremely efficient performance: process water 5 times before rejecting.

Custom tailored fit

Multiple model sizes to meet the needs of all washes.

Optimized recovery

Uniquely engineered reject water recapture systems

Water stabilization

Patent pending water stabilizer bar eliminates the need for a water softener

need fleet management?

Turn your entire inventory into 
a showroom of clean, spot-free vehicles.

Wash upwards of 45 vehicles in just one hour, with glass, chrome and all painted surfaces dry completely spot-free! Lot Master Auto Dealer series is the most efficient, cost-effective method of cleaning vehicle inventory with a per vehicle cost under $0.25 – including labor! 

  • Minimize labor – no more towel drying vehicles
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Compact skid design requiring minimal footprint
  • Automatic Membrane Flush prolongs membrane life 

why purclean™ ?

Increase customer satisfaction

Our industry-leading engineering and technical support offers the best service to get you up and running from start to finish.

Unparalleled project management, an expansive network of distributors for professional installation and onsite training ensure continuous customer satisfaction and cost-effective operation.

Increase profits

Pure mineral-free water delivered as a final rinse allows the entire vehicle to dry perfectly spot-free, removing the need for costly and labor-intensive hand drying.

Nearly maintenance-free automated design allows you more time to grow your business and less time maintaining equipment.